Donnerstag, 26. Mai 2011

40 DEGREES - Bordbericht vom ersten Tag des Normandy Channel Race

Über David Hughes tickerte der Bericht der Girls von 40 DEGREES ein, wie sie den ersten Tag des Normandy Channel Race erlebten - und die Stunde davor ersteinmal ihren Van retten mußten:

"Well race start day didn't quite start as planned. After doing a few last minute jobs on the boat we decided to move the van around to the hotel so we could put all our shore stuff in. We woke up to find it had been towed so instead of being on the boat at 8 we were in a cab going first to the police followed by the car yard. Still got it sorted in time.

Race start was pretty hectic, 17-20 kts and short tacking/gybing around the course was tricky but we got away mid fleet and were not too far behind at the turning mark to cross the channel. Had an awesome reach across the channel doing 12-13 kts with full main and gennaker. We went a bit easterly but we were having too much fun to take it down. So as we started to think about hoisting the solent in 19 kts of wind the gennaker decided to take itself down. The halyard blew and we had a tennis courts worth of sail under the hull around the rudders and lord know where the ropes had gone. So we very quickly went from 13 knots to 1. Soooooo annoying as we had worked hard to build our lead over the other girls. I have no idea how long it took to sort but long enough for the girls to overtake. It has left us exhausted by we recovered the full sail and sheets, although one did have to be cut so fingers crossed with a little TLC she will be back in action. We then ended up with a horrible short tacking session out of the needles only just catching the last of the tide and are now slamming into 29 knots and a very lumpy sea. I though this was meant to be fun!!!

So we are back at the bottom of the fleet but only because of gear failure and a few other bits are showing their age. Lets hope mother nature gives us a reprieve soon, we are knackered and its only day 1.

Han and Anna xxx"